Aruba Adventure Time!

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Aruba is deemed throughout the world as one of the most perfect destinations for an ultimate vacation.  It is the smallest of the ABC islands with only 193 square kilometers in area, while Bonaire and Curacao triple the size.  However, despite its area size, Aruba has a lot to offer to its people and visitors.  Many have even said that in Aruba, a number of amazing experiences are available, but these come in beautifully small package.


Many of the tourist who have known about Aruba have come to the island just to witness how blessed the island is.  They often flock here for its sunny climate perfect for every tourist who has been longing for the white sand beaches, the perfect turquoise waters, and the high rise hotels, restaurants and bars that offer the finest dining options in the Caribbean.  With all these assets, it’s no wonder that today, Aruba has been considered as a Caribbean jewel.


If you are planning for an Aruba travel, don’t just be too excited with all that are waiting for you out there.  Instead, plan your Aruba travel in the best possible way.  Think about everything associated with it and weigh all your options carefully.  This is mainly for the fact that an Aruba travel could be one of the biggest investments you can make.  It should be considered carefully to obtain that ultimate Aruba travel vacation you’ve ever wanted.


So, where and how can you start with your Aruba travel vacation?


Simple! Start planning.  When I say “planning”, I’m referring to setting up your travel schedule and everything related to it in the best possible way.  Start thinking about what you want and what you expect from your Aruba travel.  List all the possible things you have in mind, including the things you need to accomplish prior to your trip.  Make sure that each is given attention and is completely done.


Once you think you’ve done all the planning, consider all that you need to bring on your travel.  Pack all your documents and other belongings.  Check your passport for its validity, your tickets, and everything you’ll need on your Aruba travel.  If you have certain medications to take, don’t forget to bring them.  There is a great possibility that the medications you have might not be available in Aruba and other foreign countries.  In addition, consider all your sunscreens as the sun in Aruba sometimes shines so bright, especially if you’ll stay on the beach.


Finally, consider your budget.  As mentioned earlier, your Aruba travel can be the biggest investment you can make.  So when thinking for an Aruba travel, make sure that you have all the bucks needed to support your travel.  Note that in Aruba, florin is the currency, but U.S. and Canadian dollar are also accepted.  There are some banks, however, that accept money exchange.  So get your money ready, as well as yourself.



The Sinibel “dream” Island: Vacation Rental Information

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Sanibel Island Vacation Rental Companies


Planning for a holiday vacation in Sanibel Island, Florida?  Looking for Sanibel Island vacation rental companies that could help you find the best vacation rental in Sanibel and its little sister, Captiva Island?  If so, then this is certainly the right page for you.  I have mentioned below some of the most well-known Sanibel Island vacation rental companies that have been offering the largest inventory of professionally managed and privately owned vacation rental properties on Sanibel and Captiva islands.   The Sanibel Island vacation rentals they offer include condominiums, private homes, cottages and full service resorts, and what’s more nice to know about these companies is that they are managed by guest oriented staff that is waiting to fulfill your every vacation need.


Let’s take a look at these Sanibel Island vacation rental companies.


Royal Shell Vacations


Located in Periwinkle Way, Royal Shell Vacations is a one-stop shop for Sanibel Island vacation rentals, such as luxury homes, cottages and condominiums.  At this company you can find hundreds of Sanibel Island vacation rentals to choose from for your dream vacation or romantic beach wedding.  You can check their low Sanibel Island vacation rental rates and book online 24 hours a day.


VIP Vacation Rentals


VIP Vacation Rentals is currently offering the best in accommodations and rates on Sanibel and Captiva Islands.  The Sanibel Island vacation rentals they offer include condominiums and private homes, and perhaps what’s nice about this company is that they present the most recently updated listings of available Sanibel Island vacation rental properties.


Grande Island Vacations


Grande Island Vacations is but another well-known Sanibel Island vacation rental company that has been serving the Sanibel and Captiva area with the best accommodations and rates.   Just like the other mentioned companies, Grande Island Vacations offers a large selection of Sanibel Island vacation rental properties including condos, homes, cottages, hotels and resorts.


Sanibel and Captiva Accommodations


Sanibel and Captiva Accommodations have actually been serving the Sanibel and Captiva area with the best vacation rental properties for more than a quarter-century.  The Captiva and Sanibel Island vacation rentals they offer include the best variety of deluxe, private beachfront condos and homes available.  And, this company even takes care of all arrangements, bikes, children’s programs, restaurants and of course the unique sunsets and shelling of Sanibel Island.


Premier Properties of Pointe Santo de Sanibel


Pointe Santo de Sanibel is actually a beachside resort that offers the premier Sanibel Island vacation rental properties.  Each property offers one to three bedroom and newly remodeled condominiums.  Aside from this, the Sanibel Island vacation rental properties offered by this company are all fully equipped with the necessary amenities such as pool, hot tubs, tennis, children’s programs, VCR or DVD player, free video library and on-site guest services.


Sanibel Holiday


Sanibel Holiday, just like the above mentioned companies, generally offers a wide variety of fully equipped Sanibel Island vacation rental properties that include condos and private homes.  As maintained every guest of this Sanibel Island vacation rental company will definitely experience the best in services and much more.  This Sanibel Island vacation rental company is open seven days a week.


Is Travel Insurance Worth it and should you get it?

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For all the future travelers that have the opportunity to read this story, I would hope that after you finish this article, you would highly consider Travel Insurance! Preparing for a travel isn’t just about luggage brands or backpacking clothing. You must consider travel insurance before you embark on your travels.

As a former travel Agent, when I read sad stories about travelers that have bad medical experiences abroad, it starts to make my stomach turn because I would quickly check all my client files to make sure they have all purchased some form of medical and/or cancellation policies from me prior to their travel.

However, when he awoke in the Costa Rica hospital where he had admitted himself, he quickly found out that his kidney was removed! This young man’s jaw was never fixed and the medical doctor in Costa Rica claimed several of his internal organs were damaged, and out of all the organs that were injured, they had to remove one of his kidneys. Makes you go Hmmm!

Now in my professional opinion, I would classify Costa Rica as a popular destination that I would recommend to many of my past clients to visit for their ecotourism and exotic vacation appeal. The problem is that when we suggest these destinations that are glorified as paradises, we sometimes forget to tell them that these vacation destinations don’t have medical facilities that are comparable to North American standards, and also not all facilities operate in the best faith.

All the facts about this incident are not proven yet, but the truth of the matter is in this incident, having the proper travel medical insurance coverage could have been the difference in this gentleman coming home safely with a fixed jaw and his kidney intact.

How Does Medical Travel Protection Policies Eliminate Situations Like This, You Ask?

Keep this in perspective due to the nature of the incident. The facts are still coming in about this mans occurrence Costa Rican hospital, and I’m not totally certain he did not have travel coverage, but in my professional opinion, if he did have a reputable comprehensive travel medical policy, I truly believe this situation would not have happened.

Here is my explanation that you can apply to having quality medical coverage. When you visit your travel agent, or decide to book your vacation online, many of the agencies and online companies will offer you an insurance policy that is designed specifically for your travel protection while away from your originating country. Due to a large percentage of your medical costs that may not be covered by the country you live in, travel medical emergency policies are there to protect you from the additional costs that your country will not be covering.

Let’s take this one step further. While you’re away on vacation, the Travel Medical/Cancellation Company you purchased your policy from now has a vested interest in your physical and financial protection. However, they also have a reputation and a financial interest in their company! By saying this, they must make sure that claims that are paid out are legitimate, and are not abused by many of the un-regulated foreign medical facilities that treat patients for emergency situations.

To control these illegal practices, most, if not all, travel insurance providers (including online Insurance companies) establish worldwide relationships with a great number of medical facilities in the tourist areas, and in this relationship, the selected Travel Insurance Company regulates them with very strict rules and guidelines.

This is why it’s important to read the policy terms and conditions, and understand what is required as the policyholders must follow these terms for their own protection under emergency situations. What many conditions state are that the people who get injured due to an unexpected situation, must contact the insurer prior to admitting themselves to a hospital, or a large percentage of their claim may not be paid.

Now I know many of you may be saying that if you were not conscious at the time you were admitted to a hospital, that’s beyond your control, and you’re right! However, upon becoming aware, you must at your earliest opportunity advise the Insurance Company where you are, and if it’s not a regulated hospital on their list, they will make arrangements to remove you to their preferred medical facility.

Why Does A Travel Insurance Company Go To All This Trouble?

This is where we continue from the story about the young man that had his kidney removed. Again, I’m going by my own opinion and no one else, and like I mentioned prior I don’t have all the facts, but in my profession I strongly believe that if this person had coverage with a reputable Travel Insurance Company, he would have more than likely contacted their toll free worldwide number, and talked to professional staff that are trained in the medical field.

He would have been directed to the correct hospital, and when he arrived, upon the instructions of the Insurance staff, he would have passed this information on to the medical staff at the Costa Rican hospital. This does one of two things, it gives the Insurance Company the power to regulate and make sure that only the necessary surgeries are taking place, and because they’re paying the bill, they will ensure that every situation is medically documented for any future liability.

I can’t guarantee that having the medical coverage would have avoided this situation, but I have to say when you eliminate all the risks by working with the Medical Insurance provider, you have a better opportunity in walking out of that foreign hospital with the peace-of-mind that you’re not going back home without all your valuable functioning organs.

Where the World Melts Away: Four points Travel Destination

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Where the World Melts Away

If you were to go to the four corner points of America, you could not find four more different places from one another.  From the coast of Maine to the tip of California to the rocky shores of Washington State with its active volcanoes and nonstop fog to the Caribbean like atmosphere of Florida, the cultures of the many areas of America are as diverse as are it’s people.

Of all of those places, none other is quite as exotic as sunny Florida.  As soon as you step off the airplane in Miami, you know you have landed in a place that is as different from the rest of America as the moon is from the earth.  There is a feel of being far away, where the world melts away and you can give in and be a Caribbean creature for a little while.

This is what is glorious about sightseeing in America.  There are so many exotic and very different locations that you can stay in one country and virtually see and experience almost every climate and environment in the world.  Florida brings you into the exotic feel of living on a desert island far away from civilization.  But then you can get up from the beach and within a short drive be in the middle of a modern, sophisticated city full of the most exciting nightlife in the world.

You can go on dozens of vacations to sightsee in America and not repeat an experience.  But when making your list of great sightseeing spots in America to visit, make sure Florida is near the top.  And while you are at it, plan to spend some time there because there is a lot to take in including…

*    Snorkeling in the warm clear gulf waters on one side of the Florida peninsula and in the ocean waters on the other.

*    The amazing theme parks of Disney, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and many more.

*    Ancient mansions up and down the beaches of Florida from the early days when Spanish ships landed here to discover this big new world.

*    Wonderful foods from Cuba, the Caribbean and all across South America.

*    The always unforgettable Everglades that seem like a trip to the Jurassic Period during your brief tour there.

The fun goes on and on.  One thing is for sure, you will have at least one new experience each and every time you do some sightseeing in Florida.  One time you may thrill to the sight of dolphins or a whale on a whale watching tour. The next time you may go deep sea fishing so far out to sea that the land disappears entirely.

The next visit you may become completely fascinated in the history of this very unique peninsula and the role it has had to play in the development of America.  And then the next time you may just want to lie on the virtually perfect sands on the gulf side and let the cares of the world drift away.

You talk about sights you have never seen before.  What about the sight of your family becoming carefree and full of fun as they literally transform into Caribbean natives wanting nothing more than to frolic in the waters of the gulf or ocean for as long as God lets the good sun shine down on them?  And when you see that family you love reach that perfect level of relaxation that a visit to Florida can give them, you know you will have chosen well your vacation destination for that year.

Viva Las Vegas: A look into sin city and its travels

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Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada really is a remarkable accomplishment if you think about it.  This fabulous vacation location was literally created from nothing right out of the middle of the desert.  But it has become such a notorious place whose reputation for fun and excitement is legendary.

To say it isn’t a historic site would be a mistake.  Many of our great cultural icons had important times in Las Vegas.  And some really great movies were filmed with Las Vegas as their backdrop.  Consider the exciting song we used for the title of this article, Viva Las Vegas.  Elvis Presley, one of the great figures of pop culture, loved this town and extolled the excitement that could be found there in song.  Many other great movie and music stars made Las Vegas the site of some of their greatest performances.  One such striking entertainment moment was when Frank Sinatra and hit “rat pack” made the wonderful movie Oceans Eleven in Last Vegas, a movie that has spawned a whole series of movies in modern times staring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and a host of other big stars.

To say that big stars are commonplace in Las Vegas would be an understatement.  And if we are looking for great sites to see, the availability of shows by some of the brightest and the best of Hollywood, Rock and Roll and Broadway are all available in Las Vegas.  For very reasonable prices, you can take time away from your whirlwind schedule of fun and excitement to see some of the best performances you will ever see right there in the casinos along the Las Vegas strip.

Las Vegas has also become synonymous with fast living and “adult” type entertainment.  It’s an outstanding location for a honeymoon or that little get away with your spouse where you might want to enjoy some grown up entertainment without the little ones along.  Don’t feel guilty as you pack the kids off to grandma’s house and you treat you and your wife to a few fun filled days of casino action, luxurious rooms, great food and a nightlife that cannot be beat.  This is the kind of grown up excitement that Las Vegas is known for and you deserve the fun you will have in this town that some have called in jest, “Sin City”.

This is not to say that your stay in Las Vegas won’t be fun or that you have to leave the kids home.  There is plenty to do even if it is just lounging around the pool and relaxing in the Jacuzzi.  The casinos know that many of us want our families to enjoy vacation as much as we do so there is plenty for the kids to do and things you can do as a family together.  Some of the shows like the amazing animal and circus acts can amaze and entertain young and old alike.

You can also take a day and get a tour of this wonderful town and some of the surrounding attractions.  The desert itself can be of great interest to the kids and maybe mom and dad too if you have never visited this kind of natural setting.  There are plenty of tours to surrounding sites but one of the most enjoyable is a tour of the Hoover Dam not far from town.  You can see one of the wonders of modern engineering in how this dam is used to create energy and control the mighty Colorado River.

Las Vegas is just one of so many great sightseeing and vacation sites that are available in this country of such rich diversity.  If the adults enjoy some gambling, the casinos offer many games and entertaining diversions to give you that fun.  And it isn’t true that you will always lose or come out of there a pauper.  It is entirely possible to have great fun at the tables of Las Vegas and still have your vacation travel budget in good shape.  And who knows, you might win a round of Black Jack and be able to treat the family to a steak dinner from your winnings.